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Human Rights Day

Last updated: 2003-12-10

To mark today’s United Nations Human Rights Day, the Board’s Director General, Neville Nagler, gave an address to the volunteers at Nightingale House.

Taking the theme of Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Neville Nagler stressed the importance of treating all human beings with dignity and respect and acting towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Such behaviour was an important dimension of the volunteer spirit which benefited so many of the charitable organisations in the Jewish community.

Neville Nagler told the volunteers: “By giving of your time to a worthy charitable cause, you are truly giving of your selves; and noone can give more than themselves. You are partners in a major social endeavour, and provide a remarkable level of commitment and dedication of your work.

“On the global stage, the principles of Human Rights Day are sadly absent in many parts of the world. But in Nightingale the spirit of brotherhood which you demonstrate is all-pervasive. That spirit is a fundamental principle of Jewish religious teaching – as it is for other faith communities. By reaching out and looking for the divine spark in all human beings, you are serving your Creator by demonstrating true brotherhood and true humanity. That is why Nightingale is an organisation of which our entire community can be justly proud”.