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Board shocked by Arab incitement

Last updated: 2003-12-10

Itamar Marcus, the Director of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Media Watch, spoke to a packed audience of Deputies and other dignitaries about incitement in the Palestinian media.

Showing examples from Palestinian TV (controlled and funded by the Palestinian Authority budget) Mr Marcus played music videos aimed at children, as well as speeches by religious leaders, encouraging the populace to kill Jews. Well educated, articulate Palestinian children, as well as the underprivileged, explained the importance of becoming martyrs, while even children’s sports teams were named in honour of suicide terrorists.

Responding to a question on the subject of Palestinian textbooks, Mr Marcus explained that the Palestinians had only changed certain grades of school books, and even these retained statements of anti-Israel hatred and incitement. He criticized the European Parliament for accepting at face value Palestinian claims that they had dealt with the problem, without questioning them as to how. Mr Marcus further pointed out that the current wave of anti-Jewish incitement began long before the Second Intifada, and could not be justified as a reaction to the current troubles.

Board Vice President Flo Kaufmann, who arranged the presentation, commented: “Itamar Marcus and Palestinian Media Watch give people access to material with which they would not otherwise be familiar. He gave a remarkable presentation which provides an insight into the methods used by the Palestinian Authority to perpetuate incitement and violence, including brainwashing a whole generation of children”.