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Convert to Judaism

Last updated: 2005-03-30

Converting to Judaism books

Converting to Judaism books

Whether you are in the process of converting to Judaism or seeking more information on converting, SomethingJewish has selected a number of useful books that can help answer your questions. Plus, other chosen introductory guides to the Jewish faith.

Converting to Judaism: Choosing to Be Chosen: Personal Stories
by Bernie K Weiss

A review of this book says: "Converting to Judaism is a warm and truely personal view of different converts and their journey to Judaism. As a religion which does not set out to convert people, believing that a person must choose for themselves, it shows how converts are treated with both respect and emotional support."

Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook
by Lawrence J Epstein

A review of this book says: "The author gives his heart to explain the what and why's of conversion. It covers all grounds you should know about basic judaism without drowning the reader with too much detail."

Choosing a Jewish Life
by Anita Diamant

A review of this book says: "Ths book dealt with a wide range of topics, trying to answer the "universal" questions of the Jew by Choice, such as how to cope with Christmas, how to tell one's parents, etc. "

Becoming a Jew
by Maurice Lamm

A review of this book says: "Any prospective convert's book collection should include this item alongside the other necessary literature."

Embracing the Covenant : Converts to Judaism talk about why and how
by Rabbi Alan L. Berkowitz and Patti Moskovitz

In this book, converts to Judaism discuss the reasons for their conversion and what qualities they find in Judaism.