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Why Zvi?

Last updated: 2004-01-08

The flag of Israel

No wonder we're in trouble!

Zvi Hefetz, Israel's choice to be it's next Ambassador to the Court of St.James, will be our prime representative to the United Kingdom. He will be our leading advocate, our face, our voice, to make Israel's case to an increasing antagonistic British public. He must be the man to help sway public opinion in Britain.

His candidacy was overwhelmingly approved all the way from the Foreign Office to the office of the Prime Minister. One of the Foreign Office officials on the selection committee said, "I came away with no reservations about him. We were impressed by Mr. Hefetz's C.V. and by his appearance before our panel. He will be successful as our Israel Ambassador in Britain".

Fine words, indeed. Words that display full confidence in the selected candidate after a lengthy selection process by top Israeli officials. There is only one small matter that needs raising. THE NEW AMBASSADOR TO BRITAIN CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH !!!!

Really Foreign Office! Is this a New Year's joke on the British? Or on us? It should give our enemies in our hasbara war a good belly laugh.

Putting aside the fact that Zvi Hefetz has absolutely no ambassadorial experience. Overlooking the fact that he has no diplomatic experience save for just one month work as an emissary for Nativ in Moscow. Let's concentrate on one fact. HE CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH!

Is this the way that the Israeli Government select its leading advocates? This is, literally, decision making at the highest level of incompetence!

Is this the very best candidate in the State of Israel that they can find to champion our cause in Britain? How will he fight our case in the corridors of Whitehall? By organizing courses in Hebrew for British civil servants? How can he convince a biased media? Or inform a misinformed public? How can he even ask key questions, and personally speak to and understand the feelings and fears of members of the Jewish community?

For those of us who care so much about Israel's image abroad this selection is a tragedy. It is not only the Palestinians who miss an opportunity for missing an opportunity. In public affairs, we are far worse.

No wonder we're in trouble!

First published on The View from Here