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Rabbis reunited

Last updated: 2004-01-21

Six Rabbis from the UK and Germany, the Lord Mayor and local dignitaries launched an exciting year of celebrations, marking the 60th anniversary of the Sinai Reform Synagogue in Leeds.

Sinai Rabbi Ian Morris hosted the RSGB Chief Executive Rabbi Tony Bayfield, the Chief Rabbi of Westphalia, Rabbi  Dr Henry Brandt from Dortmund, Rabbi Walter Rothschild from Berlin,  Rabbi Douglas Charing of Leeds and Rabbi Brian Fox from Manchester at a traditional service at Sinai Synagogue. A presentation of a magnificent tapestry of the Old City of Jerusalem formed the backdrop to a moving reunion – four of the guest Rabbis have led the North Leeds community over the years. 

The weekend included a dinner and forum of the four rabbis who have served Sinai at different times.  Lord Mayor Neil Taggart and local councillors also attended.  During the Shabbat morning service, all of the founder members of the congregation and all the children were called on to the Bimah.

Sinai Synagogue has been involved with the RSGB's Living Judaism initiative in recent years, and found that their community has been transformed.  One of the founders actually said that they used to describe what they were doing decades ago as 'Living Judaism' and it was wonderful to see how this phrase was still being used.  Hundreds of Sinai members joined in the festivities throughout the weekend. 

Rabbi Ian Morris said "This weekend was a wonderful celebration of our Diamond Jubilee.  It allowed us to reflect on the achievements of our founders 60 years ago, and to delight in the growth and development which we foresee in the next 60 years."