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Yarmulke girl

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-02-02

The Yarmulke Bra

Wearing a Yarmulke Bra

Inspired by the lyrics of New Jersey Jewish rapper, MC Paul Barman, a US designer has turned what he sang about about into reality - a fashion bra made of two yarmulkes.

In the song, Barman says: "I couldn't stay calm because / she revealed a bra made of two yarmulkes" and designer KS took him at his word and has now created a range of bras featuring yarmulkes.

The initial Yarmulke Bra range covers five deisgns with prices ranging from $55 to $65 and as wel las being based on traditional Jewish headcovering, two of the range are based on Yarmulkes featuring a white baseball and orange basketball.

The Yarmulkes are imported from Israel and come in three sizes Bat-mitzvah(S/M sizes), Boobooshka(L size) and Sports(M/L sizes).

For those who want their own bespoke Yarmulke Bra, KS will also customise previously owned headcoverings.

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