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Jewish and Proud

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-03-11

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Jewish and Proud poem

Jewish and Proud is a poem that celebrates being proud to be Jewish and about uniting as a community. It is about confronting problems and issues and turn whatever may be getting you down into something positive.


Jewish and Proud
by Leslie Bunder

I'm Jewish and proud of it

Proud of my culture, people and heritage

It's time to promote

A sense of positive

Know who you ought to be

Know where you should be in society

Things in life may get you down

Like anti-semitism all around

But don't worry, don't fear

Stand strong and shake the ground

Take a Yiddish trip in life

And rediscover that we are

United together as a people of true

No internal divide, just a force with you

Jewish people sharing a common bond

To bring global harmony with everyone

Now, some may say I'm an idealist

But I'm a realist in what I hope

Jewish people where ever you may be

From Ethiopia to the USA

They are brothers and sisters of history

All sharing the same family

Get together and unite as one

Young Jews express yourselves

Reassert your commitments

Don't give up on your traditions

Stories told by your grandparents

Pass onto the next generation

Some may try and bring us down

Kick us out of existence

But you know, we have strength

To defend through the system

No more need to be afraid

Speaking your mind ain't no disgrace

Voicing your opinions, never be silent

Words of wisdom, thoughts of old

Like our forefathers use to hold

Try them now, see reactions

Make a better world

Through positive Jewish action