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My Homeland

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-02-27

Uniting at a homeland

My Homeland a place to share

The My Homeland poem takes a look at the issue of a "homeland" and who this homeland is for. Can a single homeland be a place for all to share?




My Homeland
by Leslie Bunder

There's a place in my heart

That I want to return to

They call it homeland

Where all my people came from

Once we were all together as one

Now we see the sun from different views

One day I hope and pray

That the ocean waves we see are the same

My homeland, there's a place in my soul for you

My homeland, my love for you will carry through

My homeland, a place for all to come and share

My homeland, you know it's true

Let's start building bridges for all those who care

My homeland, a place for all families

I know we can sit down and work it out

So stop the killing and let's start to trust

We fear them and they fear us

We all know there's room enough

Warring and shooting doesn't help anyone

Too many innocents lost without a trace

Can we really call ourselves part of the human race?

Reconcile hostility and show respect

Peace, love and tranquility in full effect

This is the way to a happy future

To offer shelter and security in my homeland