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Melting Pot

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-03-04

Clare Hedwat in Melting Pot

Clare Hedwat in Melting Pot

Can people of different backgrounds, cultures and faiths live together under one roof? That's the issue being looked at in a new ITV1 reality TV programme.

Melting Pot takes six culturally and ethnically diverse young Londonders from across the capital and puts them into a shared house in south London.

In a six-part series we see how they interact and discover more about themselves and just how tolerant or intolerant they are.

Among those taking part are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian and a Jew.

25-year-old clare Hedwat is orignially frrom Manchester and has been living in Londonh for three years and see quickly becomes one of the stars of the show. In the first episode where she arrives just after Shabbat and then lets the rest of the housemates know that before she can eat any hot food, she will need to kosher the kitchen.

As well as Clare, food issues become important for others in the house whyich is one issue that beings them together and explores their beliefs.

"Everybody thinks they're very tolerant.  But when you put six people together in a
house for a week, a very different picture emerges," said series producer Naveed Chowdhary-Flatt. "Obviously, a lot comes down to the individual personalities.  But as the series
highlights, cultural background is also a major factor - and in ways that we hadn't always foreseen.

Melting Pot is on Thursdays 4 March 2004  11.30 to 12.00 pm  ITV1 London