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New writing from Israel

Last updated: 2004-03-02

Spiro Ark

Spiro Ark

The Embassy of Israel and the Spiro Ark are hosting an evening on new writing from Israel. Matthew Reisz of the Jewish Quarterly will be in conversation with writers Kobi Oz and Dov Elbaum.


Tuesday 16th March 2004 at 7:00pm
Swiss Cottage Library
88 Avenue Road
London NW3 3HA

Dov Elbaum

Dov Elbaum was born to a Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) family in Jerusalem, in 1970, and was educated in Haredi yeshivas (religious academies). He withdrew from the religious framework when he was drafted into the IDF and served as a military reporter. He worked concurrently as a journalist in the daily newspapers Hadashot and Yedioth Ahronoth and at the interdisciplinary program for gifted students at Tel Aviv University. Elbaum currently teaches at TAU, combining academic research in Religious Studies with the writing of prose, in an attempt to create a conceptual integration of secular and religious life and systems of thought. He has published numerous works of research, essays, as well as two successful novels and received the 2002 President`s Prize for young writers. Elbaum lives in Zur Yigal. 

Books Published in Hebrew
Zman Elul (novel), Am Oved, 1997; 2003 [Zman Elul], My Life with the Forefathers (novel), Am Oved, 2001 [Chayai Im Ha-Avot], The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature

Kobi Oz

Kobi Oz, (b. 1969, Sderot, Israel) now resides in Tel Aviv. Oz, founder and artistic director of a highly successful band, blends East and West in his lyrics and music. His songs are broadcast frequently on Israeli radio, and one of them was the most frequently played song on "Kol Israel" the main  radio station in 2001. Oz speaks regularly about creativity, education, culture and society at schools, universities, and the army and writes a weekly column in Ma`ariv newspaper. Several of his works are included in the Education Ministry syllabus. Movie rights for Moshe Chuwato and the Raven have recently been sold.

Books Published in Hebrew
Moshe Chuwato and the Raven (novel), Keshet, 1997 [Moshe Chuwato ve Ha-Orev],Petty Hoodlum (novel), Keshet, 2002 [Avarian Tzaatzua]

Books in Translation
Moshe Chuwato and the Raven
German: Frankfurt, Alibaba, 1998; in paperback: Munich, Droemer, 2002

Matthew Reisz

Matthew Reisz is a freelance journalist, copywriter, occasional translator and Editor of the Jewish Quarterly.  He recently compiled and presented a programme on BBC Radio 4, Just Wilhelm! , about his mother's old school, usually known as Bunce Court. This was a progressive coeducational boarding school which was set up in Germany in 1926 and then moved to England in 1933, thereby saving the lives of many Jewish teachers and pupils.