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SJ Super 7

by: Leslie Bunder and Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2004-03-14

Suzie Gold

Suzie Gold

The seven most amazing things you will discover in Jewish life and culture.  This week: Woody Allen’s latest gets belated British release, Richard Desmond makes another £20m and Jewish property goes online.


1. Anything Allen: the most recent film from legendary director Woody Allen is finally set for a UK release. Anything Else, a romantic comedy starring Jason (American Pie) Biggs and Christina Ricci, is due for release in June, courtesy of the folks at Optimum (who also released the Oscar-winning Nowhere In Africa). However, Allen’s previous film, the hilarious Hollywood Ending, is still unreleased in the UK; it’s about time audiences here had the chance to see it.


2. Confusing kosher with Jewish style: London’s Evening Standard magazine restaurant critic Toby Young gave Jewish style restaurant Harry Morgan’s a bit of a panning recently, but failed to point out that the food served there is in fact Jewish style, not actually kosher. “Why go there?” said the magazine. “The main draw is the kosher fare and relaxed atmosphere.” We say: “Don’t go there if it’s kosher fare you want as it’s not actually kosher supervision, so there’s no guarantee that its food is of kosher origin.” Jewish style it may be; kosher it ain’t.


3. Property People: moving to a Jewish area in the US just got easier thanks to new website ( The site not only offers property, but also allows users to advertise for a Heimish roommate (according to how religious you are), as well as listing details of shuls, restaurants and mikavot across the country.


4. It’s that time again: with Purim just a distant memory, the shops have begun stocking up on this year’s Pesach products. SJ’s favourite this year is the Kosher For Passover Veggie Burger mix spotted in a Pesach-friendly store in Golders Green. Now if only someone can invent a Kosher For Passover bun to go with it.


5.Striking Gold: seems that UK Jewish comedy Suzie Gold has struck a chord with cinemagoers; following its opening in London on March 5 it’s now set to open in other major cities across the country. Cinemagoers in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow will be able to see it from March 19.


6. Desmond moves off top shelf: Daily Express owner Richard Desmond has sold off his adult magazines to a company called Remnant Media, in a deal thought to be worth around £20m. Desmond, who owned 45 top-shelf titles, is now thought to be putting in a bid to buy the Daily Telegraph instead.


7. Fishy story: a cure has been found for koi herpes, a virus which has been threatening carp (used to make gefilte fish) in Israel. Scientists have said that a vaccine for the disease, which kills four out of the five fish it affects, should be approved in the next few months. So it looks as though the gefilte will be gracing dinner tables for a while yet.