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British suicide bombers

Last updated: 2004-03-09

The Board of Deputies has condemned the video released yesterday by Hamas in which two British terrorists boast of killing Jews.  The video represents  a further step in the advance of Hamas ideology in the UK, promoted by groups such as the Muslim Association of Britain and its leading activist Azzam Tamimi.

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented: "We utterly deplore Hamas propaganda that revels in the murder of innocent civilians.  The two terrorists who blew up a bar in Tel Aviv last April were educated and learned their repulsive attitudes in Britain.  It is clear that there are organisations in this country which cultivate and encourage such people to commit acts of murder and terrorism.  The Hamas doctrine of hatred, death and murder should be rooted out of British society.  The Board abhors the continuing support for Hamas within the British pro-Palestinian lobby, and notes the profound irony that the anti-Iraq war movement is supportive of these groups.

"We also find it extraordinary that no prosecutions have been instituted against any of those who are regularly inciting violence, or worse, against Jews.  We call upon the authorities to demonstrate unequivocally that the UK will no longer serve as a breeding ground for terrorists and their apologists."