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Vote to defeat BNP

Last updated: 2004-03-31

All eligible members of the Jewish community are urged to register to vote and defeat the British National Party (BNP) in the forthcoming elections on 10 June 2004.

The voter registration deadline is 13 April and voters should register through their local council. Most voters will have already received registration forms and returned them to their local electoral registration office. Forms are also available on the Electoral Commission website <>.

The proportional representation voting system in the European and London Assembly elections means that a vote of as little as 5% could see the BNP elected.

The Board of Deputies has joined with others to present a common front against the BNP. The President of the Board of Deputies, Henry Grunwald QC, stated:  "The BNP are extremists and antisemites who promote Holocaust denial. They may have reduced their own open antisemitism in order to target more easily identifiable minorities and they may have changed some of their leading members, but there is little difference between the new BNP and the old BNP."