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Faith and the government

Last updated: 2004-03-30

The Board of Deputies has welcomed a new Home Office report which promotes closer ties between Government and faith communities.  The report was launched yesterday by the Home Secretary David Blunkett and sets out proposals for a partnership which would strengthen communities and foster community development.

The recommendations contained in the report highlight how Government departments should identify policy areas to which religious communities can contribute and how those communities can work more closely with government.

The report was produced in partnership with faith community representatives.  Board Director General Neville Nagler sat on the working group which drafted the report.  In addition, the Office of the Chief Rabbi and Rabbi Tony Bayfield of the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain participated in meetings of the steering group which approved the report, together with Rosalind Preston as Co-Chair of the Inter Faith Network of the UK.

Neville Nagler commented: "This report represents a milestone in terms of relationships between Government and faith communities.  It underlines the Government's recognition that faith communities matter.  Our values and principles are increasingly important to UK society, whilst faith communities also play an important practical role in community development.  A closer partnership between Government and faith groups based on best practice can only benefit society as a whole."