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Board welcomes mayor

Last updated: 2004-05-05

The Board of Deputies yesterday hosted the Mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, during his visit to London. Along with his advisers, he spoke to the Board’s Executive Committee about the situation that Israel faced.

Reminding his audience that Jerusalem had been the scene for an overwhelming proportion of the terrorist attacks in Israel over the past few years, he highlighted the drop in the level of tourism during the current Intifada and the adverse effects upon the local and national economy. He expressed pleasure in hearing of the many visits to Israel undertaken by members of the Board each year.

Welcoming the Mayor’s visit, Board President Henry Grunwald QC said “Israel is central in the hearts and minds of the Jewish community, and nowhere in Israel more so than the City of Jerusalem. We have always expressed our solidarity with the people of Israel, and our support for their culture, economy and right to live free from the fear of terror. This was a valuable opportunity for us to hear about the impact of our efforts, and to assure the Mayor of Jerusalem of our continuing support.”