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London Mayor Elections

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-06-10

London Elects

London Elects

As Londoners went to the ballot box to vote for a new mayor for the capital, SomethingJewish invited all the candidates to respond to a series of questions about where they stand on general as well as specific issues. Find out what they said.

All candidates were given three opportunities to respond to the questions which were send by email so as to allow the candidates views and comments to be reported directly.

Click on a candidate to find out more.

Lindsey German - Respect - The Unity Coalition

Ram Gidoomal - Christian Peoples Alliance

Simon Hughes - Liberal Democrats

Darren Johnson - Green Party

Julian Leppert - British National Party

Ken Livingstone - The Labour Party

Frank Maloney - UK Independence Party

Dr Tammy Nagalingam - Independent (has not responded to questions)

Steve Norris - Conservative

Lorna Reid - Independent Working Class Association