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About the JMI

Last updated: 2004-06-02



The Jewish Music Institute is dedicated to the celebration, preservation and development of the living heritage of Jewish music for the benefit of all.

JMI Forums such as the International Forum for Suppressed Music, the International Forum for Yiddish Culture and the Forum for the Promotion of Arab-Jewish Dialogue Through Music, provide an international focus for study and musicianship. In each sector there are programmes in education, performance and information.

JMI documents, preserves, teaches and presents to the public, all aspects of the Jewish musical heritage: liturgical, classical, ethnic and folk as well as music suppressed by Nazi and Soviet tyranny. Since its work began in 1984, JMI provides musicians and students with theoretical and practical training and resources, in a heritage that spans three millennia and a wide geographic area - wherever Jews have settled. JMI supports university courses for undergraduates and postgraduates. It runs workshops and Summer Schools at SOAS as well as regular classes and outreach projects in the diverse British community. It presents the finest performances in concert halls across the country and commissions new works.

The Jewish Music Institute is an independent, non-religious, arts organisation with charitable status. It is based at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and works closely with the Department of Music and the SOAS library. JMI's work was recognised in the year 2000 with affiliation to Millennium Commission and in 2002 with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to preserve and make accessible to the public, the contents of its library. The JMI website is a portal for enquiry about Jewish music and of current and historic Jewish music practice.

The Jewish Music Institute is the leading promoter of Jewish music in Britain. Since its work began in 1983 it has gained recognition on the concert platform, through its biennial London International Jewish Music Festivals; in education through the Joe Loss Lectureship in Jewish Music and International Conferences at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and through its information and resourcing services to scholars, the media and the public.


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