Converting to Judaism books

Convert to Judaism

Whether you are in the process of converting to Judaism or seeking more information on converting, we have selected a number of useful books that can help answer your questions. Plus, other introductory guides to the Jewish faith. read more


Becoming Jewish

With Charlotte from Sex and the City converting to the Jewish faith in order to marry her boyfriend Harry, there's great interest in converting to Judaism. SJ offers a handy and helpful guide to what the conversion process actually involves. read more



The conversion process

If you are thinking of converting to Judaism or want to know more about the process, our guide offers essential infromation about what is involved. read more


Reform conversion to Judaism

Throughout history there have been men and women who joined the Jewish people through conversion. Reform Rabbi Amanda Golby explains more about the process within the Reform movement. read more


Orthodox conversion to Judaism

Orthodox Judaism does not actively seek converts. That is because Judaism teaches that the righteous of all nations and peoples have a share in the World To Come. read more

Converting to Judaism