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Last updated: 2002-12-02

The Board has written to the Greek Ambassador expressing its concern regarding the recent rise in antisemitic propaganda and violent incidents against the Greek Jewish community. These concerns voiced by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece and the Israel Embassy in Athens have been supported by a recent report on antisemitism in Greece prepared by the Minority Rights Group-Greece.

There are many countries where tension in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbours has spilled over into violence against Jewish communities. In Greece however the authorities have failed to condemn such action and deliberately conflated concern for the plight of Palestinian refugees with defensive actions taken by the Israel defence forces.

In his letter to the Greek Ambassador, Director General Neville Nagler wrote: “It would appear to us, and to other Jewish communities to whom the Greek community is turning for help, that Greece appears to stand alone in not taking effective action against those who attack Jewish people.

“We should be grateful if you would convey our concerns to your government that they do all in their power to protect their Jewish citizens and respect the international conventions and agreements to which they are signatory.”